Simple Water technique to Manifest your Desires

Have you ever considered the idea that you can manifest with water? Read ahead and you will be surprised!

Shocking, right? Well, water manifestation is believed to be one of the simplest and most powerful manifestation techniques that most spiritual gurus and LOA enthusiasts swear by. Its core idea is based on the law that states that the energy you radiate is what will come back to you. This unusual technique involves writing down your desires and affirmations on a piece of paper and reciting it to a glass or a bottle of water. Look through the internet and you will find testimonials from dozens of people who have manifested the life of their dreams using this technique.

The “Glass of Water” manifestation technique will make your wishes come true with just a piece of paper and a glass of water.

All you need to do is:

1 – Take a piece of paper

2 – Get a glass and fill it with water

3 – Attach the paper with your affirmation or wish on it to the glass

4 – Rub your palms together to activate the energy flow in your hands, and place them on the glass of water.

5 – Say the affirmation or wish out loud or silently.

6 – Visualize what it is you want to achieve while sending your energy toward the water in the glass.

7 – Drink the water.

8 – Repeat steps one through seven every morning when you wake up, and every evening before you go to sleep.

The water charge technique is a simple but powerful way to manifest your desires. With a little practice, you can use it to attract anything you want into your life 🙂

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