30+ Morning journal prompts to add Magic to your day

For all of us all mornings are not the same. We may wake up in a good mood and we may not. A lot of it depends on how we slept, how the last day was, our health, and what we did.

One great way to intentionally have a positive or uplifting start to your day is to do journaling with morning journal prompts.

I’ve had quite a few mornings where I don’t feel up to speed so much. And whenever I’ve done a journaling exercise, it has helped me feel better.

It depends on what I need. If I am overloaded with emotions, I vent it all out. If I have too many things on my mind, I make a list and express the importance of each. If I am losing sight, I write what I can be grateful for.

So, in this post, you will find morning journal prompts for a variety of purposes, all meant to make you feel better and carry that feeling through the day. Here you go:

Morning Journal Prompts

– List three things that you are grateful for this morning.

– Write down three positive affirmations about yourself for today.

– What are your intentions for the day?

– Describe one thing you love about the morning.

– How are you choosing to practice self-care today?

– Write down an inspiring quote that resonates with you at this moment.

– Write one thing you will do today to make someone’s day.

– What negative thoughts do you want to release before starting this day?

– Identify one thing you want to focus on improving today.

– Describe your favorite morning ritual and why it brings you joy.

– Write about something beautiful you saw yesterday and how it made you feel.

– List three things you have accomplished recently.

– Write about someone you feel grateful for this morning.

– Write down the choices you will make to stay present and mindful today.

– Write a random act of kindness you want to do today.

– Write about something that has been inspiring you lately.

– Take a moment to reflect on the positive aspects of yesterday.

– What are your hopes for today?

– Write three things, big or small, that you achieved yesterday.

– What is your goal for today?

– List three qualities you appreciate about yourself.

– What is one worry that you want to let go of today?

– Write down one activity you will do today to connect with nature.

– Reflect on the best part of your morning so far.

– Who do you want to be today?

– Morning Journal Prompts to Feel Better

– How are you feeling in this moment?

– Write yourself a letter validating all of the emotions you feel.

– What is something that has been troubling you lately?

– What do you need to move forward?

– Write a letter to yourself reflecting on all that you have overcome through the years.

– What are you proud of in your life?

– Freely imagine and write about how you want your life to be.

– Write about something from your past that has been holding you back emotionally, and visualize letting go of its burden.

– Envision a future where all your troubles are gone. Express how you would feel.

– What are some boundaries you need to set in your life to feel happier?

– What is something that helps you feel better when you’re down?

– What clothes do you love wearing and feel good in?

– What do you love about your mind?

– What do you love about your body?

– What do you love about your personality?

– What are the 5 things that your past self would love about – your current self?

– What is a challenge that you have overcome?

– What makes you unique? How can you use this uniqueness more in your life?

– What would you do today if you loved yourself?

– What’s a commitment you can make to yourself to love yourself every day?

– What did you love to do as a child? How can you bring more of that into your life?

– What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

– How would you like to be remembered?

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